Legoland Florida Resort

If you are looking for a unique amusement park that is geared towards the younger crowd, then LEGOLAND Florida Resort may be the perfect place for you.  Legoland is located in Winter Haven, Florida, and it is uniquely geared towards young children ages 2-12, although it is an amusement park that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Legoland opened in the fall of 2011.  It is the second largest amusement park of its’ type, with the largest Legoland being Legoland Windsor, which is located in the United Kingdom.  In addition to the U.K., Legoland parks can be found in Denmark, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Dubai, and two in the United States (California and Florida).  Legoland Florida Resort is open on a year-round basis, and welcomes many visitors every year.

Did you know that the original Lego brick was the creation of Ole Kirk Christiansen, who was a carpenter that lived in Denmark during the early 1900’s?  The word “Lego” is actually derived from a Danish phrase that translates to “play well”.  The original Lego was made of wood; however, in the late 1940’s, wood was replaced with plastic, and this was the beginning of the Lego bricks that we know today.  Fast forward a few decades, and your childhood imagination of life-size Lego buildings can come to life, when you visit an entire theme park created on the basis of Lego toys.

Legoland Florida Resort consists of 150 acres, in this central Florida community.  Prior to the opening of the Legoland park, the land was used as the theme park Cypress Gardens.  Some of the iconic botanical gardens that existed in Cypress Gardens are still maintained in the Legoland Resort.  In addition to the Legoland amusement park, guests can also enjoy the Legoland Water Park, The Legoland Hotel, and the Legoland Beach Retreat.

Legoland amusement park is currently divided into fourteen different sections.  Each section has its’ own theme, such as; Duplo Valley, Lego Ninjago World, The Lego Movie World, Lego City, Lego Technic, and Imagination Zone.  Guests can find over fifty different rides, shows, and attractions to enjoy, as well as many dining options and shopping destinations within the park, too.

The Legoland Water Park opened in spring of 2012.  Admission to the water park is purchased separately from general admission to Legoland, although a general admission ticket must be purchased with a water park ticket.  Guests can enjoy water slides, splash pads, a lazy river, and a wave pool while visiting the Legoland Water Park.

Legoland hotel opened in 2015 and boasts 152 creative, interesting rooms and suites for guests to enjoy.  The rooms are decorated with varying Lego themes and Lego designs can be found throughout the hotel.  For example, floating in the hotel swimming pool, one can find large Lego bricks stationed in the water for guests to swim around, climb on, and play with, as they bask in the warm sun and frolic in the cool water.

Legoland Beach Retreat is another accommodation place that guests may wish to investigate.  The Beach Retreat just opened in 2017 and boasts 166 guest rooms, as well as 83 freestanding huts for guests to rent for the duration of their stay.  The Legoland Beach Retreat is situated along the banks of Lake Dexter.

Legoland Florida Resort is owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments and the park is proud to say that their resort slogan is “Built for Kids”.  Legoland Florida Resort is certainly unlike other amusement parks and can be a true treasure for Lego enthusiasts, kids-at-heart, and young people, too.

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